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what is hits?
HITS is a European project, funded by Erasmus+, and it fosters digital transformation improving strategic tools based on novel artificial intelligence and aimed at assisting both tutoring interventions and impact assessment in the didactic processes. The project involves 6 Partners from 5 EU countries.

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The HITS project aims at boosting a behavioural change model and targeted interventions to promote pro-digital behaviour. This change will be mainly based on the processes of personal growth and digital mind-set, as they can be developed and facilitated by new technologies. The aim of HITS is to achieve an academic digital friendly way of teaching and learning, by establishing an enhanced degree of motivation, willingness, and autonomy. The HITS methodology focused on developing academic digital friendly behaviours is in accordance with a more holistic approach. The project enriches the focus on predicting factors that are known to influence behaviours with an approach focused on actual change of behaviours related to the use of digital tools. HITS is based on three main theoretical and methodological approaches: – Nudge Theory to motivate educators to produce better digital education outputs and to improve competencies in technology-based study programs; – Artificial intelligence (AI) to predict success in studying and gamification as a practice for non-formal learning; – Participatory Action Research (PAR) as a way to interact internally and externally.
Students Tutors, career guidance experts, and professors are the main target groups of the HITS project.

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