Presentation of the 1st Meeting in Bucharest

The first in-person meeting for HITS Project is approaching! It will be held in Bucharest, at the headquarters of the National University of Science and Technology POLITEHNICA, on 20 and 21 March 2024.
The two-day meeting will be the first opportunity for partners to get to know each other and start HITS implementation. After a brief introduction by Andrea Marconi (University of Camerino), the partners will follow one another in a panel of interventions, presentation of case studies and workshops that will address the topic of tutoring from different points of view: they will talk about how new technologies such as Machine Learning and AI can facilitate tutoring systems for both students and teachers, about the future scenarios that open up thanks to these innovations, about the correlation between academic success and effective tutoring systems. There will also be plenty of time to discuss the project state of art, to coordinate activities between partners, to present the dissemination and exploitation plan.
The plane tickets have been purchased some time ago by each partner, all that remains is to meet in Bucharest!

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